Restaurant and rental facilities

The restaurant consists of four rooms, each of which can be reserved for a private event.

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At the upstairs of the restaurant there is a TV room where you can dine or even hold a meeting, the same table can accommodate up to 12 people.
Upstairs there are dining rooms for up to 30 people.
These spaces can be combined to accommodate even larger groups.

The downstairs hall can accommodate 18 to 24 people. There is also a bar room with dining areas 10, plus 2 vertical tables.

The entire house has seating for 82 people.

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In addition, the upstairs of the house has magnificent rented saunas. Facilities include a TV room, a sofa set, a dining area for 10 people, a water point and a large fridge.

A gorgeous and great sauna that can accommodate a large group.

These facilities are not in our licensed area, so you can bring your own drinks.
Of course, dining is arranged conveniently and effortlessly with us.

A fresh and bright meeting room for about 14 people, where conference catering and dining are arranged.

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Reserve the sauna facilities for your party, whether it’s pre-Christmas parties, birthdays, engagements etc.. We tailor the occasion to your liking, our chefs will bake according to your wishes!