Á la Carte



Pick your own1,20€/pcs

Jalapeno peppers, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, pick your own dip

Aura blue cheese- or garlicbread4,50€

Nachos and salsa4,00€


Caesar salad 11,90€
Of your choice chicken filler or fried salmon, crunchy salad, croutons, parmesan, Sauna’s garlic caesar dressing and Kopetz bread

Chicken salad 12,40€
Chicken fillet, crunchy salad, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, fresh red onion, peach, passion-vinegar and Kopetz bread

Goat cheese salad12,40€
Crunchy salad, goat cheese, strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes, fresh red onion, peanuts, devil’s sauce, passion-vinegar and Kopetz bread

All salads available gluten free and without milk products. 


Beef hamburger steak, cheddar cheese and tomato

Cheese-bacon burger12,90€
Beef hamburger steak, bacon, cheddar cheese and garlic mayonnaise

Beef hamburger steak, cheddar cheese, jalapeño, salsa and chili mayonnaise

Chicken burger13,40€
Chicken fillet steak, bacon, cheddar cheese and Aura blue cheese mayonnaise

Veggie burger11,60€
Vegetable patty, cheddar cheese, cucumber mayonnaise and tomato

Extra steak 2,50€

Extra adds: bacon, tomatoes, cheese, jalapeño, pineapple, egg, Aura blue cheese, fruitsalsa 1,50€

All burgers includes rustic fries, salad, pickle, onion, ketchup. Burgers are also available glutein free and without milk products.

Sauna’s favorites

Sauna’s pan12,50€
Sauna’s wurst sausage, rustic fries, bacon, fried egg, pickle salad and paprika mayonnaise

Chicken bread11,90€
Bread filled with chicken fillet, garlic mayonnaise, feta, jalapeño, red onion rings, salad, cucumber and devil’s sauce

Pork bread11,90€
Bread filled with overdone pork, garlic mayonnaise, feta, jalapeño, red onion rings, salad, cucumber and  BBQ-sauce

Hot Wings
Sauce made by SiipiWeikot (mild, medium, hot,  x-hot) cucumber- and carrot sticks, Aura blue cheese dip

10pcs   8,00€         15pcs  10,00€
20pcs   13,00€       25pcs  16,00€
50pcs   31,00€

Adult’s steams

Sauna’s salmon19,90€
Fried salmon, potato wedges, seasonal vegetables, lime, Aura blue cheese dip and green salad

Sauna’s steak24,90€
180 g beef steak, rustic fries, pepper sauce and fruitsalsa

Lepänkorva’s steak15,90€
Pork fillet, Sauna’s own seasoned butter, french fries and green salad

Bacon chiken18,50€
Chicken fillet steak, fried bacon, creamy onion sauce, seasonal vegetables and sweet potato fries

Onion steak15,90€
Beef hamburger steaks 2 x 200 g, fried onion, creamy onion sauce, wedges and green salad

Children’s steams (under 10 years old.)

Chiken fillets7,90€

Little burger7,90€
Ketchup, cheddar and salad

Pork fillet7,90€

All children’s steams includes french twist


Cheese cake5,90€
Sauna’s sauce

Pannacotta with marinade strawberries

Soft ice3,90€
Vanilla or chocolate soft ice
Chocolate-, caramel- or strawberry dressing 0,50 €

Sauna’s ice cream6,50€
Seasonal sorbet, vanilla soft ice, Sauna’s sauce and whipped cream

Bailey’s ice cream6,50€
Vanilla soft ice, Bailey’s 2 cl sauce 15,7%

Add options
Small/large     3.50€/5.50€

-Rustic fries
-Sweet potato fries
-French twist
-Criss cuts
-Seasonal vegetables

Extra dips1,00€

-Aura blue cheese
-Devil’s sauce
-cucumber mayonnaise